Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blizzard Now Selling Gold for Cash... In Pet Form

The good folks over at Blizzard announced yesterday morning that a new pet will be arriving in the World of Warcraft Pet Shop in the near feature.  He seems to be a cuddly miniature version of the Winged Guardian mount already available for purchase.  In reality, however, the new Guardian Cub pet is nothing more than a stack of gold that you can purchase straight from Blizzard itself.  Check out a picture of the pet below and the insidious truth behind those big doe eyes after the bump.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Feral Druid Guide to Hit and Expertise in Cataclysm

Hit Rating and Expertise are important stats for Feral Druids to keep tabs on.  Unfortunately, they can also be rather confusing.  To help take some of the mystery out of these stats, I have put together a brief guide laying out everything you need to know about these stats and your performance as a Feral DPS or Feral tank.  Read on after the bump to find the answers you have been looking for.

Reforging for Feral Tanks in Cataclysm

Cataclysm introduced a new form of item customization called Reforging.  Through Reforging, a player can take a certain percentage of an items secondary stats, such as Mastery, Haste, or Crit, and trade them for another.  The system is still new, however, so many players are left confused as to which stats should be Reforged out of and into.  For Feral Tanks, read on after the bump to find out how you should Reforge your gear to get the most our of every piece of equipment.