Friday, April 16, 2010

Next Lil' Pet for the Blizzard Pet Store

Yesterday I shared my thoughts on Blizzard's loving embrace of micro-transactions and let's just say it wasn't pretty. Nevertheless, after blistering Celestial Mount sales yesterday (conservative estimates are claiming between $4 and $5 million) it is clear that Blizzard's new business model will be here to stay. As a result, the Pet Store will continue to grow. That means more "Lil'" versions of famous World of Warcraft denizens will inevitably find their way into the store alongside Lil' KT and Lil XT. Here are my top five picks for the next Lil' pets:

5. Lil' Marrowgar

With three comically large skull heads atop a disproportionately small winged body, a baby Marrowgar would certainly be a crowd pleaser. For extra flare, he could Bone Spike critters and even cry out "Bone Storm" in a baby voice at random intervals. Could it get annoying? Sure, but that didn't stop the Pandaran Monk...

4. Lil' Anub

This little bug would be certain to unleash a pestilence of preciousness upon all our souls. He could burrow and unleash microscopic swarms much to the delight of pet lovers everywhere.

3. Lil' Ragnaros

It will never be "TOO SOON" to get our hands on this fiery little scamp. Not only would he make a cute companion, but you could cook on him as well: delightful and delicious!

2. Lil' Sindragosa

She has been plaguing your sign in screen since Wrath of the Lich King's release, so why not drag an adorable version of her around with you! She could even do a miniature version of her roar. Chilling, yet endearing!

1. Lil' Hogger

The bane of lowbies existence since World of Warcraft's release, Hogger certainly deserves a place in the Pet Store. Would he have any cool abilities? Probably not, but come on, he's Hogger!

What Warcraft creature would you like to see turned into a Lil' pet?

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