Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Moonkin Pet Now Available

A couple of new additions have just arrived in the Blizzard Store, one of which will be of particular interest to all the Druids out there.  Head on over to the Store now to check out the Moonkin Hatchling.  You can even feel good about your purchase as 50% of the sale proceeds go to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.  Check out the little bundle of joy in the video below.

Along with the Moonkin Hatchling, holiday shoppers can also get their hands on Lil' Ragnaros.  Following in the tradition of Lil' XT and Lil' Kel'Thuzad, this raid boss turned companion makes an adorable addition to any pet collector's stable.  Unlike the Moonkin Hatchling, this pet's sales don't contribute to any cause besides Blizzard's coffers.  Feel free to take the tiny Fire Lord home, but don't think your doing anyone else a favor.  Check out Lil' Ragnaros' hammer tossing skills in the video below.

Would you ever spend your hard earned cash on an in game pet?  Do you plan to pick up either of these offerings?  Let me know in the comments.