Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Defeat Blood Princes on 10 Man

The Blood Prince Council in Icecrown Citadel is not one the instance's most challenging encounters. It is not trivial, however, and many groups are falling victim to one of the many bad strategies floating around the Internet. Fortunately, Druid Digest has the cure for what ails you. Below is my quick and easy guide to defeating the Blood Prince Council in ICC 10 Man. Be prepared to be blown away by just how easy this encounter can be!

The biggest mistake 90% of raid make in this encounter is thinking that they need more than two tanks. Many websites will tell you to have a ranged tank/third tank take care of Keleseth. Do not do it! Even when properly handled, an Empowered Keleseth can do a ton of damage to his aggro target. Absent a dedicated healer or a switch heals with superhuman reflexes, a range tank would be quickly obliterated. Even having a third tank will spread your heals too thin as they must deal both with three targets taking consistent damage and an appreciable amount of ranged damage. Additionally, a ranged tank is going to have a hard time holding Keleseth's aggro when the dps switch to him, even with the benefit of a misdirect.

"Only two tanks...but there are three Princes?!?!"

Here is the breakthrough that will save your raid: One tank picks up Keleseth, the other picks up BOTH Valanar and Taldaram. The damage from the paired up Princes is more than manageable for a tank geared for the instance. Keleseth will also be trivialized as, so long as his tank gathers Dark Nuclei, the damage will be more than manageable, the tank can have a dedicated healer, and Keleseth will be on aggro lock-down for the target switch. Any tank other than a Warrior should have minimal difficulty gathering the Dark Nuclei needed to stay alive.

That is it. Two tank healers (or a geared Paladin with Beacon up) and one raid healer should be enough to keep everyone alive. Spread out during Empowered Shock Vortex, assign a dps to keep the Kinetic Bombs in the air, and collect your loot. It really can be that easy. Good luck!

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