Thursday, February 11, 2010

Warcraft Farming Subsidy Please

Yesterday, in The Joys of Farming, I talked about all the different kinds of farming which have been occupying my World of Warcraft play time as of late. Today, I would like to take a different approach and write about that farming which has fallen by the wayside. Be they ineffective, unnecessary, or just plain not fun you won't find me engaged in these repetitive tasks anytime soon.

Gold Farming

You do not need to seek out gold to build wealth in World of Warcraft. It is much more effective to simply make wise decisions with the gold and resources you will naturally accumulate through everyday play. Don't by crafted items. Instead buy raw materials and pay someone to craft it for you. Don't vendor everything. Selling certain items on the Auction House can increase your income more than 100 fold. Sell that you do not need. Many items in Azeroth decline in value over time and if you are hording without a purpose you are missing out on profit. Gold farming can be a boring chore. I choose to avoid it by incorporating smart, gold saving choices into my everyday play.

Reputation Farming

Aside from the Ashen Verdict Rings/Recipes, many WotLK reputation rewards have become extremely obsolete. As for other, older reputations, sure there is some novelty associated with their rewards and related titles, but the time investment to reach your reputation goals can be huge. I got my fill of achievement grinding working on Accomplished Angler. Aside from working up Sons of Hordir and the occasional Tabard swap, I am happy to simply take reputation as it comes.

Rare Material Farming

Sure, I have use for Frost Lotus and Arctic Fur. Who doesn't? Unfortunately, they are genuinely random, rare drops. As a result, farming them is not really practical. In farming the other materials you need for your crafting, you should come across these items. If you don't and you really need them, you would probably be better served to farm gold and then buy them. Except on rare occasions, the appearance of these materials cannot be predicted and any attempt to "farm" them will either result in you getting lucky or frustrated. I'll pass.

Obviously I do make exceptions and occasionally my in game needs/interests shift so I will revisit some of these farming targets. What farming do you decided to pass on?

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