Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Triple Specs on the Horizon

In a thread posing some design questions to resident WoW developer Ghostcrawler it was revealed that Blizzard has no intentions of expanding the functionality of the Dual Specialization feature to include additional specs. Check out the thread here. The occasionally coy Blizzard poster opined that spec is supposed to be a long term commitment and not akin to swapping gear.

I am a huge fan of Dual Specializations. Anyone who spends any significant amount of time in the looking for group channel knows that filling every role in a budding group can be a huge pain in the neck. If each hybrid class you recruit can fill two different roles, it makes assembling a pick up group all the easier. It also allows dedicated role classes the chance to spec for PvP and PvE meaning the inconvenience and expense of a respec is never a limiting factor in terms of what content a player chooses to engage.

Even while being grateful for the new feature, in the back of my mind I secretly wanted more. My Druid and Paladin couldn't help but imagine a World of Warcraft in which they could heal, dps, and tank all without a respec. Unfortunately it seems as though additional specialization tabs are simply not to be. Isn't the investment of time and resources needed to cultivate an entirely new armor set a sufficiently "long term comitment" to a particular spec? I would say yes. Consider me slightly disappointed.

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