Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Real Final Boss for Trial of the Crusader?

In my post 3.2 PTR Now Open, I speculated that forces of the Lich King would derail the Trial of the Crusader, the new 10/25 man raid to be released in 3.2. With Anub'Arak now available for public testing it is official that the instance involves more than the beasties gathered by the Crusaders. Check out a video of the famous Crypt Lord taken from the PTR below:

Feel free to call me paranoid, but I am fairly confident that Blizzard still has at least one Ace in its collective 3.2 sleeve. As interesting as Anub'Arak is lore wise, the encounter seems to lack a certain something players have come to expect from an raid instance's final boss. Also, the encounter is currently far too easy and though I am certain that will change before release, I doubt that even a beefed up Anub'Arak is the greatest challenge the Trial of the Crusader or Trial of the Grand Crusader has to offer. It would also be rather odd for Blizzard to introduce a challenge related super raid boss in 3.1 (Algalon) and then not do the same in 3.2.

My prediction: There will be another unlockable raid boss in the Trial of the Crusader and/or Trial of the Grand Crusader instances beyond Anub'Arak. If I had to guess, end-game raiders would be wise to study up on Faceless Ones.

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