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World of Warcraft Engineering Jeeves Guide

In Patch 3.2, World of Warcraft's engineers were given the opportunity to craft Jeeves, the perfect gentleman robot butler. Jeeves not only allows serves as a repair bot for you and your party for 10 minutes every hour, but also grants you access to your personal bank even from the depths of Ulduar. Jeeves is an awesome addition to the engineer's arsenal and can really save you some repair bot material money in the long run. Below is my comprehensive guide to crafting Jeeves, enjoy!

Step 1: SCRAP-E Quest

The first step on your journey to
Jeeves will take you to the Inventor's Library in Northern Storm Peaks, just across the chasm from Ulduar. Be sure to grab or craft 4 x Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts and 5 x Overcharged Capacitors before heading out as your will need them shortly.

At the Inventor's Library, you will find mecha-gnomes on mechanostriders called Library Guardians. Start mowing them down (being sure to scrap them for parts as you go) and eventually you will stumble across the SCRAP-E Access Card. This item will open up a quest where you will need to bring your
Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts and Overcharged Capacitors to SCRAP-E inside the Library. After you complete the simple turn-in quest, SCRAP-E will open up a nearby console allowing you to learn how to make 5 x Scrapbot Construction Kits out of 10 x Saronite Bars.

Step 2: The Schematic for Jeeves

Since you are already at the Inventor's Library, it is time to start farming for Schematic: Jeeves
. The schematic can be found by harvesting many different higher level mechanical units in Northrend for parts (engineer skinning them). Fortunately for you, the schematic seems to have a much higher drop rate off of the harvested corpses of Library Guardians. It took me about an hour of obliterating these little guys before coming across the schematic and that appears to be a fairly average time. Depending on your luck, finding Schematic: Jeeves could take significantly longer or shorter for you. Regardless, stick with it as I assure that your chances of finding it could not be greater.

Once you have the schematic, it is just a matter of gathering these materials:
2 x Field Repair Bot 74A
10 x Field Repair Bot 110G
20 x Scrapbot Construction Kit
8 x Titansteel Bar
2 x King's Amber
30 x Handful of Cobalt Bolts

Step 3: Gathering Titansteel Bars

Once you have learned how to make
Jeeves (or before if you want to have the mats in hand once the schematic drops) it is time to start gathering materials. The first material you will want to turn your attention to is the 8 x Titansteel Bars. This is because they are potentially your butler's most costly components and, if you are a miner who wants to make them yourself, they will take you some time to procure.

Obviously, if you are not a miner, you will simply need to purchase these bars off of the Auction House. Alternatively, you could buy the components for Smelt Titansteel and pay friendly miners for use of their 20 hour cool downs. Needless to say, go with whatever option is cheaper on your particular server.

If you are a miner and want to make the 8 x
Titansteel Bars yourself, you will need a total of 24 x Titanium Bars, 8 x Eternal Earth, 8 x Eternal Fire, and 8 x Eternal Shadow. You can find the Titanium Ore needed to make your bars in rare spawn Titanium veins which occasionally take the place of Saronite veins. Patrol Icecrown for your best chance of finding them. The Crystalized Earth, Fire, and Shadow you can mine from these veins will likely go a long way towards meeting your Eternal needs as well. Keep in mind if you try to make them yourself that you can only make one bar every 20 hours so you will want to start the process of gathering the bars as soon as possible.

Step 4: Field Repair Bot 74A

Jeeves requires several different repair bots to become operational starting with 2 x Field Repair Bot 74A, Warcraft's original repair bot. Obviously, rather than constructing them yourself, you could simply buy them from another engineer, but where is the fun in that?

This schematic for
Field Repair Bot 74A can be found on the ground in Blackrock Depths on the floor in Golem Lord Argelmach's chambers. BRD makes for an exceptionally easy solo at endgame, so landing the schematic involves only a minimal time investment.

To craft the
2 x Field Repair Bot 74A you will need a total of 32 x Thorium Bars and 4 x Fused Wiring. Eastern Plague Lands is a decent place to turn up Thorium veins and you can craft a stack of 5 Fused Wiring with 2 x Essence of Fire and 3 x Delicate Copper Wire using the Schematic: Fused Wiring sold by Viggz Shinesparkled in Shattrath. The Delicate Copper Wire can be made by low level Jewelcrafters for 2 x Copper Bar each. Head to the Blazing Elementals in Un'Goro Crater for the Essence of Fire if you choose not to buy it. You may also find some Thorium veins along the way.

Step 5: Field Repair Bot 110G

To learn to make the 10 x
Field Repair Bot 110G you will need, first you will have to find the Schematic:Field Repair Bot 110G. Retrieving these papers will involve a trip to Outland as they drop off of the Gan'arg Analyzers in western Blade's Edge Mountains. Thankfully the drop rate on the schematic is rather high, so your actual grind will likely be nearly as quick as your travel time.

Actually crafting these Bots requires a great deal of Outlands materials, making them a prime target for purchasing if they are available. If you choose to make them yourself, however, you will need a total of 16 x Adamantite Bars, 16 x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (1 x Fel Iron Bar each), and 2 x Khorium Power Core (3 x Khorium Bar and 1 x Primal Fire each).

Step 6: Scrapbot Construction Kit

At this point, you have already learned how to make
Scrapbot Construction Kits through the SCRAP-E quest explained above. To make the 20 you need will require nothing more than 40 Saronite Bars. It really is that easy!

Step 7: King's Amber

There are four ways to get the 2 x
King's Amber needed for Jeeves. First and easiest, you can simply buy them on the Auction House. Second, if you are a Jewelcrafter or know a generous one, you would have a chance to find one when prospecting Titanium Ore. Third, you could get Alchemists to transmute 2 x Autumn's Glow and 2 x Eternal Life into 2 x King's Amber, presuming you can find someone who knows how. Lastly, you can buy King's Amber at 20 Emblems of Heroism a pop from your faction's badge quartermaster.

Step 8: Cobalt Bolts by the Handful

Odds are, if you have raised your engineering enough to craft Jeeves, coming up with the 30 x Handful of Cobalt Bolts needed to complete your project should not be a problem. In fact, you likely came across many of them while farming for the schematic. Just in case, you can craft the Bolts at a rate of 1 to 3 per 2 x Cobalt Bars.

Step 9: Enjoy Jeeves

Congratulations! At this point you have finally finished construction of your perfect gentleman robot butler. Use him often to repair your gear and that of your allies, to sell vendor items when your bags are full, or to access your bank from anywhere. For a particularly fun time, set up Jeeves and MOLL-E right next to an Auctioneer and enjoy 10 minutes of your own personal business center.

To conclude, for those of you brave souls who want to learn every schematic needed make all of the components needed for Jeeves yourselves, here is a breakdown of all the raw materials you will need:

20 x Cobalt Bar
5 x Crystallized Earth
32 x Thorium Bar
2 x Fused Wiring (3 x Delicate Copper Wire and 2 x Essence of Fire)
16 x Adamantite Bar
16 x Fel Iron Bar
6 x Khorium Bar
2 x Primal Fire
40 x Saronite Bar
24 x Titanium Bar
8 x Eternal Fire
8 x Eternal Earth
8 x Eternal Shadow
2 x King's Amber
24-68 x Cobalt Bars (for 34 x Handful of Cobalt Bolts)

Good luck and happy hunting!


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  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback and love hearing that people found the information on the website helpful.

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  3. This was really helpful i stumbeled upon it trying to find out whow to make the previous repair bots. saved me alot of time :)