Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Warcraft Race Origins: Draenei

In today's edition of Warcraft Race Origins, we will be looking at the story behind the Alliance's newest members, the Draenei.

The Draenei originally hail from the world of Argus. Then known as Eredar, the Draenei were an ancient, powerful race especially gifted in the use of magic. Unfortunately for the Eredar, the races strength and magic use drew Sargeras, a fallen Titan of unimaginable power, to Argus. The evil being gathered the three Eredar leaders and, without revealing his diabolical intentions, offered them unimaginable power. Two accepted: Kil'jaeden and Archimonde. Only the Velen refused, having had a vision of the demonic monsters the Eredar would become as a result of the deal.

Seeing doom for his race on the horizon, Velen cried out to the heavens for assistance. Salvation came in the form of a Naruu, a powerful light being from a distant world. The Naruu helped Velen and other Eredar who had refused Sargeras' offer escape the Titan's wrath by transporting them to another world. That world came to be known as Draenor and Velen's ban became the Draenei or "Exiled Ones."

On Draenor, the Draenei came in contact with the shamanistic Orcs and the two races lived in peace for many years. It was only a matter of time, however, before the now demonic agent of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden, was able to track down Velen and his band of exiles on Draenor. In an effort to destroy the Draenei, Kil'jaeden began corrupting the Orcs with demonic blood. Driven into an uncontrollable rage, the Orcs began slaughtering the Draenei in huge numbers. The Orc attacks were so ferocious and effective that only a small portion of the Draenei survived, including Velen.

Once again sensing impending doom for his people, Velen hatched a plot to flee Draenor. Velen and the remaining Draenei traveled to the inter-dimensional ship known as Tempest Keep and hijacked one of its satellite structures. Using the vessel, the Draenei fled, ultimately crashing on the world of Azeroth. Seeking allies to aid in their struggle against the Burning Legion and recently having been slaughtered in large numbers by the Orcs, the Draenei were brought into the Alliance fold.

Since the release of Wrath of the Lich King, very little has been done to expand upon the Draenei's back story. They are, for all intents and purposes, strangers exiled on a distant land. It is uncertain how, if at all, the events of the coming Cataclysm will affect the Draenei. Perhaps, as they have before, Velen and his band will begin making plans to flee the sundered world. Alternatively, the Draenei could elect to make their stand on Azeroth with their new allies, come what may. Hopefully, unlike Outland, the story of the Draenei is not left behind as World of Warcraft's lore develops.

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