Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warcraft Race Origins: Dwarves

For the next edition of our series on the lore behind World of Warcraft's playable races we will be taking a look at one of Azeroth's hardiest races: the Dwarves.

After the Titans finished shaping early Azeroth, they decided to create guardians which they would leave behind to tend to the world they had ripped from the primordial chaos sown by the Old Gods. Fashioned out of living stone, the humanoids they created came to be known as the Earthen. The Titans' methods for creating the Earthen were imperfect and the first batch succumbed to underground pressures and the curse of flesh, ultimately becoming modern Azeroth's Troggs.

The second batch, Earthen Series Two, was more successful for the Titans, but still ultimately a failure. These new Earthen were not disfigured and agitated by the pressures which surrounded them, but they still ultimately fell victim to the Old Gods' Curse of Flesh. Thus, the Dwarves were born.

As the Series Two Earthen awoke in various Titan vaults across Azeroth, reborn as Dwarves, they separated into various clans and factions. Those from the vault at Uldaman, the Bronzebeard Clan, the Wildhammer Clan, and the Dark Iron Clan, made their way to Dun Morogh and created Ironforge. Following a brief civil war between the clans, the Wildhammer Clan settled in the Hinterlands and pursued a deeper relationship with nature, the Dark Iron Clan found themselves enslaved by the Fire Lord Ragnaros, and the Bronzebeard Clan was left to Ironforge. It is from the Bronzebeard Clan that player controlled Dwarves are drawn.

Though the Dwarves are largely content to stay underground and seal themselves away from Azeroth's troubles, when the Orcish invasion was launched the Dwarves of Ironforge were quick to come to the aid of the Humans and their newly formed Alliance. Ultimately, they brought the Gnomes into the fold as well.

The Dwarves have always been exceptionally curious about their history and, as a result, Blizzard has had many opportunities to explore the story of their creation. Odds are those explorations will continue in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm when another Titan Vault, Uldum, is opened. Additionally, Ragnaros, master of the Dark Iron Clan, will be reappearing following Deathwing's sundering of Azeroth. Lastly, Shamanism will be coming to the Dwarven race, likely through the members of the nature attuned Wildhammer Clan which may give players the opportunity to play as Dwarves outside Ironforge's Bronzebeard Clan. Of all the races of Azeroth, perhaps none is more hardy than the Dwarves and their resilience is sure to be put to the test as Azeroth's destiny unfolds.

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