Friday, September 4, 2009

Warcraft Race Origins: Night Elves

In part three of our exploration of the lore behind the origins of World of Warcraft's playable races we will be looking at one of Azeroth's more reclusive and mysterious races: the Night Elves.

The Night Elves, or Kaldorei as they call themselves, are one of Azeroth's older native sentient races, perhaps younger only than the Trolls. It is theorized that the Night Elves came to be when a group of Trolls were magically infused and evolved by the Well of Eternity, a beacon of magical energy created by the Titans. Obviously the Night Elves themselves would readily deny this tale of their lineage, but the theory is reasonable.

In their early years, the Night Elves drank deeply from the Well of Eternity. Through the reservoir they gained great wisdom, magical aptitude, and ultimately immortality. Unfortunately for the Kaldorei, the Well also attracted the attention of Sargeras, Destroyer of Worlds who is an evil Titan with an eye toward destroying all life. Sargeras tricked the magic addicted Kaldorei nobility into building a portal through which began to flood Sargeras' army, the dreaded Burning Legion.

Thankfully the Druidic sect of the Kaldorei was able to uncover the plot before things were to late. Sadly, however, Sargeras' plans were sufficiently far along that turning him back cost the Kaldorei their immortality, destroyed the Well of Eternity, and left Azeroth torn in two. After the Sundering, the Keldorei nobility left to pursue new sources of magic, ultimately becoming the Blood Elves, while as the Druidic sect of the race elected to remain behind, casting aside arcane magic and returning to their natural roots. Thus, the modern Night Elves were born.

Though the exact details of the Night Elves entry into the Alliance remain untold, it is believed to be motivated by three principal things. First, the Night Elves have a powerful hatred for the Orcs stemming from the slaying of the Night Elves' patron god Cenarius by the Orc Grom Hellscream. Even though the Grom and the Orcs were under demonic influence at the time, the hatred still remains. Second, the Horde has infuriated the Night Elves by beginning logging operations in Ashenvale forest. Lastly, the Night Elves are in need of assistance in combating the Burning Legion and the growing Scourge threat and the Alliance made better bed fellows than the Horde.

Odds are, there are interesting things on the horizon for World of Warcraft's Night Elves. In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the realm of the Naga, a corrupted offshoot of the Keldorei, will be opened at the heart of the Maelstrom. Additionally, Deathwing, a corrupted Dragon once worshiped by the Night Elves, returns to Azeroth. Lastly, the Night Elves will be returning to the arcane arts after thousands of years of that line of magic being taboo. Here is hoping that the Night Elves have the tools they need to weather the coming storm.

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