Saturday, October 17, 2009

Warlock and Mage Tier 10 Videos

Earlier today, MMO Champion posted a Tier 10 Mage and Warlock Preview including both images and videos of the new armor sets. Check out the videos and commentary below:


Once again, Warlocks have a great looking gear set on the way. Though the shoulders are a recycled model and not very "cloth looking," the helm is a grand slam. It has an awesome The Nightmare Before Christmas feel to it that makes it unfortunate that we likely will be unable to get our hands on it before Halloween. The particle effects are also interesting with dark black specs and a light cloud of darkness floating around the Warlock's head. Though it may lack the demonic wings of Tier 6, it is certainly one of the best looking sets Blizzard has put together.


Where the Warlock Tier 10 set is a unbridled success, the Mage set is more than a little disappointing. First and foremost, it looks nothing like a "Mage set." The color patterns seem almost tribal where the models look much more like leather, mail, or plate than cloth. The shoulders appear metallic and give off a faint green glow to match the green glowing gems which adorn the rigid looking robes. Why Blizzard elected green effects, which tend to indicate nature or fel magic, rather than white, blue, or even red is confusing at best. The helm is perhaps the biggest disaster and would seem more at home atop a Shaman, Druid, or even a Paladin than a Mage. I am not certain what kind of aesthetic Blizzard was shooting for with the Mage Tier 10 set, but I am pretty sure they have missed the mark.

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