Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3.2 Profession Changes

Every World of Warcraft profession will be getting a bump in their related perks with the release of patch 3.2. Check out the announcement thread here.

Blacksmiths will have new epic gems to fill their bonus sockets and both Toughness and Master of Anatomy will receive numeric bumps. Enchanter's ring enchants will also be getting a stat boost while Jewel Crafters will see increased returns on their Dragon's Eye gems. The Inscription profession will see a bump to their exclusive shoulder inscriptions while Tailors will have access to improved embroidery options. Engineering glove enhancements have also been targeted for improvement.

Alchemists and Herbalists will see the most involved changes. For Alchemists, Mixologists will be able to get more out of Northrend flasks. A new profession specific recipe for a PvP flask will also be available for purchase. Lastly, in a semi-debuff, Endless Healing Potions and Endless Mana Potions will be more potent and have a shorter cooldown, but they will also be banned from the Arenas. Sorry Alchemists.

Herbalists, on the other hand, will see a new and much improved Lifeblood which scales with maximum health, doesn't trigger a global cool-down, and has a higher base heal. Congratulations Herbalists.

Obviously it is hard to gauge the effect of these changes before specific numbers are available, but aside from Alchemists (sorry again) there is certainly nothing to worry about here.

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