Monday, June 15, 2009

Moonkin Spell Rotation

Recently, I have gotten a couple questions about what Moonkin spell rotation produces the best dps under the current build of World of Warcraft. Moonkin rotations are a bit less complicated than Feral dps rotations and also allow for a little more flexibility both in terms of personal taste and situation. It is then more than fair to say that there is no single optimal rotation for Balance Druids in World of Warcraft. There are, however, four basic form rotations which should give you decent bang for your Balance buck.

Standard Lunar Eclipse

This is the rotation you will see most balance druids using, especially in raids. It sports solid dps output and goes relatively easy on your mana bar. You lead with Improved Fairy Fire, followed by Insect Swarm and Moonfire. You then spam Wrath until Lunar Eclipse procs and lay down as many Starfire casts as you can have hit your target before the Eclipse proc fades. Refresh your debuffs whenever they are about to fade, rinse and repeat. This is a rotation you will want to try primarily on single target sustained dps fights.

Standard Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse rotation is pretty much the same as its Lunar brother only instead of following your debuffs with a chain of Wraths, you open with Starfires and hop to Wrath when Solar Eclipse procs. As with before, you will need to keep your debuffs up at all times. I have spoken with several endgame Druids who claim slightly higher damage numbers using this rotation, the only problem is it is a bit harder on your mana bar than the Lunar Rotation. The Solar Eclipse Rotation is then well suited to shorter single target encounters and may also be worth swaping into for burn phases if your mana bar can handle the extra pressure.

Modified Solar/Lunar Eclipse

One way to spice up either of the above rotations is to add a Starfall cast right at your Eclipse procs whenever your cooldown allows. Starfall will reliably provide you with a steady stream of crits meaning you will have Nature's Grace up for the duration of your Eclipse. I do not need to tell you what sort of effect this will have on your dps, especially in a Solar Rotation where you will be machine gunning boosted Wraths. This modification appreciably ups mana consumption for either rotation. It is then ideal for fights which already call for AoE or even for single target fights for which mana conservation is not an issue.

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