Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Druid Forms Art: Part Three

Earlier today, Blizzard revealed the next batch of new Druid form Art: the shiny new Tauren Kitty forms. The official reveal page can be found here.

This was perhaps the most anticipated of the reveals as the old model has always been simply hideous. A quick perusal of the feedback thread reveals that most Druids are more than happy with the results of the makeover. I would imagine that the Wyverns are also especially excited to have their face back.

All gripes about the mechanics aside, Blizzard has created some exceptionally good looking models. All that remains to be seen are the new Night Elf Cat models. The original model was widely regarded as one of the best Feral looks prior to the modification, so let's hope Blizzard sticks the landing and doesn't reinvent the wheel.

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