Friday, June 12, 2009

Mount Changes Confirmed

Bornakk's hints have rather quickly matured into cold hard facts regarding mount changes coming up in the next major World of Warcraft content patch. Check out the thread detailing the changes here.

Long story short, mount required levels and prices have been dropped across the board. Regular mounts can now be purchased at level 20 for a total cost of 5 gold (for training and the mount itself). Epic mounts can be bought at level 40 for 60 gold. Flying mounts are available at level 60 for 650 gold. Lastly, epic flying mounts can be purchased at level 70 for 5,100 gold. Faction discounts also now apply to flying mounts.

There have also been some tweaks to flying mount speeds. Regular flying mounts now increase speed by 150% in the air and 60% on the ground while epic fliers clock in at 280% and 100% respectively. Obviously Druid flight form and Paladin/Warlock mount summoning spells have also had their minimum level requirements reduced. You will also be able to mount up in 1.5 seconds rather than 3.

This should make the leveling process much more painless post 3.2. Though many have thus far focused on the benefit to players level 20-30, I would imagine the biggest difference will apply to characters from level 40-70. Being able to go at 100% speed from level 40-60 will make the longest leveling haul in the game much more bearable. Also, being able to fly the moment you set foot in Outland is certainly nothing to scoff at.

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