Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best 2v2 Arena Classes

I received an email the other day asking about which classes fared best in 2v2 Arena Matches and which classes would be represented in an optimal 2v2 Team. In my opinion, any combination of classes can have at least some success in the Arena with good communication and lots of practice. Unfortunately, that is a much less interesting and engaging response than some crazy, point-in-time number crunching sprinkled liberally with speculation. So here we go:

What I Looked At:

To help identify the best classes for a 2v2 Arena team, I decided to use a measure that is rather hard to argue with: success. Basically, I looked at the current top 2v2 team for every Battlegroup and what those groups' makeups were. I not only looked at what two classes were present on each team, but also looked at the spec of all hybrid class team members to see what roles were being filled.

Which Classes Were Found Most Often:

Setting aside class makeup and looking only at the composite group of classes spread out amongst all Battlegroup leading teams, nearly half (12 out of 26) of the characters on the top 2v2 Arena teams are either Discipline Priests or Rogues (6 each). Druids are the next most common representatives on number one teams (4 out of 26). There were 3 Death Knights amongst the points leaders and only 1 Shaman. Warriors, Warlocks, and Paladins each had 2 representatives on the leading teams and not a single Mage or Hunter was to be found.

What Was the Most Common Group Makeup:

There was a great deal of variety in the composition of the teams sitting atop the 2v2 standings with one notable exception. 4 of the 26 first place 2v2 Arena Teams were Rogue/Priest pairs. The only other combination seen more than once was a Druid/Warrior combo used by 2 of the top 26. Other combinations included Rogue/Rogue, Paladin/Druid, Death Knight/Paladin, Death Knight/Priest, Warlock/Shaman, Druid/Death Knight, and Warlock/Priest.

What Was the Most Common Role Setup:

Only 1 of the 26 teams at the top of a Battlegroup's ratings did not have a dedicated healer. That team was a Rogue/Rogue combination. Every other team had one and only one healer and all four healing classes were represented. Presumably to accomodate the need for healers, with the exception of a single Retribution Paladin, all classes capable of healing in top 2v2 teams were spec'd to do so. Not surprisingly, no tanks sat atop the Battleground rankings as of my review.

So, What Are the Best Classes for 2v2:

If we are to assume that the best 2v2 classes and class combinations will naturally rise to the top of their Battlegroups, a Rogue/Priest Arena team would seem to be the clear front runner. At the very least you would want to create a team that paired a damage dealer and a healer to maximize your chances at success.

For an individual player looking to create an Arena Champion, a Discipline Priest seems to be the way to go. If you are looking to fill a different role, Rogues and Death Knights are the predominant death dealers. As an alternate healer, Restoration Druids are in relatively high demand.

What's Wrong Here:

This way of determining what classes are best in 2v2 is obviously not without its flaws. Popularity and other non-performance related factors will obviously trickle up and affect the makeup of Arena teams. However, if we are to assume all else is equal, I can thing of few better ways of picking "the best" when forced to do so than looking at who the best currently are.

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  1. the best arena combo teams for cata are the feral druid/blood dk due to the blood dk's survivability and the ferals insane bleed damage output to down both targets. also the resto druid/warrior combo is great if the healer knows wtf there doing. the other op combo ive seen in 2s was a balance druid/geared and skilled enhancement shaman. im a feral druid and my best 2s was with a blood dk and right now im useng a insane burst sub rogue to kill one of the 2 enimies with in 6 seconds.