Sunday, May 3, 2009

Revitalize Working as Intended?

Resto Druid talent Revitalize has both its fans and its critics. You can consider me a fan. I cast Rejuvenation and Wild Growth all the time, so anything to make them better is a plus. Also, considering I only use Healing Touch when paired with Nature's Swiftness, I had some extra talent points to throw around.

Unfortunately, the other day I noticed something slightly disturbing about the controversial little talent. Apparently, ticks which are completely foregone as over-heals have no chance of causing a proc. This appears to be because HoT ticks which occur while the target is at full health are never even processed and therefore do not even count as over-heals.

Though you arguably should not be throwing Rejuvenation on full heath targets just on the off-chance it may proc some energy (though why not if you have the mana and the time), the fact that over-heals never proc seriously changes the equation for judging Revitalize. You can check out one version of those numbers as crunched by Kae over at Dreambound Druid.

Keep in mind I tested this only with respect to 1% mana procs, it may not hold true for other procs such as Rage, Runic Power, or Energy. Also, there is a one in a billion chance that this was a statistical anomaly in that I just happened to not see the 15% chance manifest over the course of a couple dozen Rejuvs. I will not be dropping the talent yet as there is plenty of periodic raid damage to keep the proc chance up, but consider my days of full heath proc hunting suspended.

Edit: Thankfully this issue has been hot-fixed so feel free to resume throwing around those needless Rejuvenation buffs whenever you find yourself bored and high on mana.

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