Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patch 3.1.2 Drops

Blizzard quietly introduced Patch 3.1.2 today after weekly maintenance. Check out the patch notes here.

Of particular interest, the Equipment Manager promised for 3.1 has finally been delivered. Also, expect Wintergrasp to be much more cold and barren in the days ahead. All of the zones daily quests are now on a weekly timer (granting additional Stone Keeper's Shards of course) and bonus honor related to the event has been decreased. Vehicles in the zone also now scale according to the item level of the player just as with vehicular combat in Ulduar. Could this herald the end of Wintergrap's tyranny and a return to the Battle Gounds? It remains to be seen.

As far as class specific changes, most were relatively minor, although things mostly fell on the nerf side of the balance sheet. Warlocks saw some appreciable mechanical changes with how Conflagrate and Sacrifice work, but most other classes saw only numeric changes to cooldowns and percentage modifiers for various spells and talents. Druids also saw a mechanical change with Innervate now generating a set amount of mana, rather than affecting the targets regeneration rate.

Here's hoping that the new patch hiccups are kept to a minimum.

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