Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Making Gold from Level 1

These days, it is somewhat rare to find a genuinely "new" character. Most of the exceptionally low level toons you see running around Ironforge or Orgrimmar fall into one of three categories: bank alts, twinks in progress, or alts in training. Behind each of these lowbies you will generally find a high powered benefactor bankrolling his or her extravogent lifestyle of BoE Greens and ridiculously well developed crafting professions. In this world of virtual sugar-daddies, how is a truly solo lowbie to survive?

First and foremost, if you want to have any semblance of a bankroll during you first 20 levels, take Hebalism as one of your professions and sell everything you gather. Though the WotLK gods may have cursed you with bloated Auction House prices, they have also blessed you with the introduction of the Inscription profession. Inscriptionists Mill stacks of five herbs to generate the materials needed for their craft. Unlike Jewel Crafters, Inscriptionists will not stumble across needed materials in the game world and must Mill to advance their professions. This means that a player who want to adopt the new profession will need tons and tons of low level herbs and will be willing to pay through the teeth for them. The other gathering professions simply will not offer any where near the same bang for your buck as Hebalism currently does.

Once you have made a bit of cash, resist the urge to by that level 8 green weapon and invest in bags instead. Bag space saves time and money in a number of ways. First and foremost, you will not need to visit vendors as often to clear up space. Second, you will be able to leave nothing behind, assuring that every last piece of vendor trash you come across can be converted to precious coin. Lastly, your questing will be quicker and more efficient as looted quest items will no longer mandate inefficient quest turn in detours. When you decide to buy bags, check the Auction House first. There is no shortage of bags in Azeroth, so it is safe to expect a decent selection of options at reasonable prices. Do not drain yourself completely, but you can be confident that your investment in bags will return dividends in the long run.

The last key to finding financial success as a true lowbie is to not adopt the spending habits of the alts and twinks which surround you. It will be tempting to buy yourself a new set of greens every five levels, but resist the urge. You will grow out of those pieces so fast it is simply not worth it. Through questing and instance runs, you will have a wardrobe more than sufficient to get you by. The immediate increases in performance you would see from twinking yourself out will quickly be overshadowed when you find yourself unable to afford your first mount or, god forbid, short on cash to training new skills. Remember, nobody likes a beggar.


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