Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Druid Forms Art: Part One

Blizzard finally unveiled its plans for more personalized Druid shape-shifted forms today. The good news: each faction will see ten new druid form textures for a total of twenty new textures. The bad news: only Cat and Bear forms are being updated. Check out the official page here.

Blizzard plans to slowly reveal the new textures one form at a time building up to their in game release at the next major content patch. For now, check out the updated Tauren Bear forms:

According to the information released by Blizzard, which feral textures you have are dependent on your character's hair color for Night Elves and skin tone for Tauren. If you do not like the texture you are assigned, you can simply change your characters hair color or skin tone (a new feature for Tauren in the upcoming patch) at any barber shop.

Even though the new models differ only in terms of color pallets, they still look nice and offer a variety of different looks for your Bear. I am sure the coming Night Elf Bear forms and both races' Cat forms will be proportionally engaging.

It is unfortunate that neither Tree of Life nor Moonkin are getting makeovers as of now, but not incredibly surprising. Every Druid, regardless of spec, has access to the Feral Forms. It only makes sense for them to be at the front of the line for upgrades.

For now, start hoping that you do not need an ugly skin tone/hair color to get the Feral textures you prefer and keep your eyes open for Night Elf Bear forms to be previewed later this week.

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