Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watch the Typhoon Please

As a word of warning to all the budding Moonkins out there, while in a group, please use Typhoon sparingly. Positioning is often critical to your tank and dps both in terms of maximizing their damage, avoiding non-targeted attacks, and preventing wipes. As a result, scattering a pull around like a fallen house of cards will rarely lead to anything but frustration and death.

If you plan on using Typhoon in instances, use it smartly. If you want to use it simply for AoE damage, consider the Glyph of Typhoon. I would, however, steer you away from that course unless you are certain as the knockback can be exceptionally useful when applied properly. For example, a well placed Typhoon at maximum range can be the perfect tool for knocking a mob who is charging your healers/ranged dps right back into the tanks lap. It is also a reliable interrupt which can hit multiple casters at once. Though again be weary of undoing the work your tank did bunching all those caster mobs up in the first place. Just keep in mind that Typhoon is useful, but generally speaking, only in small doses.

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