Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome One and All

As the title aptly directs, I bid you a warm welcome to the unveiling party of the Druid Digest. My vision for the direction of the Blog is to create an informative, collaborative, and entertaining space to celebrate all Azeroth has to offer. If you came here hoping to learn the secrets carved into the living rock of Stone Henge, look elsewhere because these pages are all World of Warcraft.

As the name may suggest, the information here will lean slightly in favor of all of our favorite jacks of all trades, Mr. and Mrs. Druid, but there will be plenty of other nuggets for any class to much on. Reader participation is encouraged and feedback is always appreciated, as are generous gifts of cold hard internet cash.

Stay tuned and hopefully after some Wild Growth, we can convert this party to a raid. Double equip your leg slots because your in for a wild ride.

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