Friday, May 8, 2009

When to Innervate

Back when I was younger, we Druids had to spec for Innervate before walking to Upper Blackrock Spire. It was uphill both ways and we did not have anything to equip in our feet slots because of the depression. Kids these days have it easy, with Innervate being trainable for all at level 40. Unfortunately, this gem of a spell often sits on Druid cast-bars all across Azeroth unused for precious downtime saving minutes.

My advice, blow that cooldown! If Innervate is available and you are sitting down to drink, ask yourself why. Unless you are in an instance and you know there is a mana intensive boss/pull less than six minutes down the road, pop that baby and pop it now. When you are flying solo, give your self this gem of a buff anytime where its duration will not be wasted. As long as your mana is sufficiently low or you are using mana sufficiently fast that the buff will expire before your bar is full, it is good to go. As much as it may cut against your survival instincts, saving your cooldowns for emergencies is generally consumate with wasting them. Go on, Innervate yourself. It's perfectly natural and it feels great.

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