Monday, May 18, 2009

Your Own Best Wild Growth Target

Simply put, Wild Growth is an amazing healing spell. Since mana conservation is largely a thing of the past, many Restoration Druids have taken to using this handy group heal whenever the six second cooldown is up. The cast is not cheap, but if you are able to land the buff on five (or six with Glyph of Wild Growth) needy targets, Wild Growth is an exceptionally efficient heal. The only real question is, who should you target with this tasty AoE HoT morsel to get the most bang out of your buck.

In raiding situations, especially those marked by periodic raid-wide damage, there will rarely be a situation in which there are not at least five targets within 15 yards of each other who need your love. This could be a pack of ranged dps and healers or, more often, it will be a pool of melee dps crowded near your tank. In raids, unless your ranged units are grouped and you are tasked with keeping them up, your tank is almost always a safe target. Generally speaking, in a 25 man, it is much harder to cast Wild Growth on a bad target than it is to find a good one.

In heroics, five man content, and PvP, however, it can be more difficult to assure that there are five recipients within range of your target. Generally speaking your ranged units and healers will not be within 15 yards of your tank and melee pack. Also, if you manage to find five or more people in either group, something bizarre has happened and I would like to see the screen shot.

In a smaller group situation, it can then be tempting to view your Wild Growth target selection as an "either-or" proposition. Either you heal the ranged or the melee. Fortunately, there is a middle ground between your ranged and melee group...literally...and if you stand in it and hit yourself with Wild Growth, everyone can feast on your healing goodness. Enabling Auto-Self cast in your Combat Configuration menu or setting up a macro to target yourself and cast makes things all the easier. Keep in mind that the name of the game with Wild Growth is to hit the maximum number of targets every time. Often that simply means taking positioning into your own hands and casting it on yourself.

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