Sunday, May 31, 2009

Healer Friendly UI Mods on the Way?

Last night, Ghostcrawler, one of Blizzard's more active blue posters, hopped into a thread griping about Warcraft's default User Interface. Though he did not address any specific changes or even confirm that changes were incoming, he did mention that the default raid UI is something Blizzard is "discussing a lot right now." He also indicated that he wanted to get additional feedback on using the default UI specifically with regard to healing. Feel free to check out the thread here and share your concerns.

The ridiculous number of UI mods floating around has always been a testament to the inadequacy of Blizzard's default, but really, that is no surprise. Azeroth is a complicated place and Blizzard has many, many mechanics which require scrutiny and attention. Of course dedicated fans who are limited as to what they can modify and have unlimited time will be able to produce something more sophisticated and in line with player desires than Blizzard can ever hope to. Even if Blizzard modifies the UI to be more accommodating to raid healers, I would expect that changes will suffer from Equipment Manager syndrome. Sure it will be better than what we had before (nothing), but it will still be an inferior product to the add-ons Blizzard tries to copy in the first place.

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