Monday, May 11, 2009

Spellpower Effect on Restoration Spells

Spellpower is an interesting stat because the actual impact which it has on an individual spell is not constant across your spell book. Instead, a percentage of your total spell power is applied to each spell, or part thereof, based on values Blizzard has assigned. These percentages are invisible so it can be difficult to know what impact an increase in spellpower will have on each individual cast.

Below, I have broken down the baseline percentages of your spellpower which are applied to each Druid heal except Tranquility as of this posting. You will also find available mechanics which may be used to alter that percentage. Keep in mind that the boost from spellpower is generally applied before other effects which increase the power of your heals (such as Gift of Nature).

Lifebloom: 9.5% of your spellpower is added to each individual tick and 64.6% is added to the bloom. Those percentages are increased to 11.4% and 77.5% with Empowered Rejuvenation.

Nourish: 67.3% of your spellpower is added.

Healing Touch: 161.0% of your spellpower is added. It can be increased to 225.4% with Empowered Touch.

Rejuvenation: 37.6% of your spellpower is added to each individual tick. This can be boosted to 45.1% with Empowered Rejuvenation.

Wild Growth: An average of 11.5% of your spellpower is added to each individual tick. This goes to around 13.8% with Empowered Rejuvenation.

Regrowth: 53.9% of your spellpower is applied to the initial heal and 18.8% is added to each tick. The percentages can be pushed to 64.7% and 22.3% with Empowered Rejuvenation.

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