Sunday, May 3, 2009

Druid Minor Glyph Breakdown

Minor Glyphs are not designed to be game changers, but they should not be a waste of your slots either. I have set aside some space below to discuss each of the Druid Minor Glyphs offering my thoughts on which Druids should and should not choose each. More so than most other things in Azeroth, what Minor Glyphs you select are largely a matter of personal taste though, so take my recommendations with a grain of salt.

Glyph of Aquatic Form

Who should take it: Regardless of spec, if you are leveling up through questing, this Glyph can save you an appreciable amount of time. Obviously, Sea Blob is a highly situational form and you will not be seeing constant mileage out of this one, but when you head off to search the sea for chests, lobster traps, herbs, or quest mobs to kill you will be glad you have it.

Who shouldn't take it: Very few people at endgame will find much use for this Glyph. Also if you are grinding your way to 80, it looses some of its lowbie appeal. At 80 I would avoid it unless you spend way to much time in Arathi Basin, have an insatiable need to harvest aquatic herbs, or cannot think of anything better.

Glyph of Challenging Roar

Who should take it: Bear tanks should always choose this Glyph.

Who shouldn't take it: Anyone who is not a bear tank should never choose this Glyph.

Glyph of Dash

Who should take it: PvP Feral Druids will not want to go without this Glyph and really any PvP Druid, regardless of spec can benefit from it. Mobility is gold, especially in Battle Grounds, and being able to Dash 36 seconds sooner could easily make a world of difference . In PvE it can be helpful when leveling to escape bad pulls and the enemy faction with greater frequency.

Who shouldn't take it: Aside from the levelers listed above, most PvE Druids won't find much benefit in this Glyph. Even for PvE feral druids, Dash is such a novelty that you will rarely, if ever, take advantage of the diminished cooldown.

Glyph of Thorns

Who should take it:
If you are solo leveling, regardless of method and spec, take this Glyph. While playing on your lonesome there is no reason not to have Thorns up on yourself at all times. Over the course of your trip to level 80, you will save yourself hundreds of casts which incrementally saves you mana and downtime. These same benefits also apply if you are still doing some heavy solo questing at 80 (such as farming dailies). Bear tanks should also consider this Glyph as, if you are the only Druid in your group, shifting to caster form every 10 minutes to buff yourself gets old quick.

Who shouldn't take it: Any PvE Druid who spends most of his or her time in groups likely won't be self-buffing with Thorns, except maybe bears. Also, this talent is a bit of a waste for PvP Druids as if you are getting hit enough to warrant having Thorns up, odds are you will not be alive for more than 10 minutes anyway.

Glyph of Typhoon

Who should take it:
Obviously only Balance Druids should ever even consider using this Glyph and even they would be wise to heed the reservations below.

Who shouldn't take it: No Resto or Feral Druid should ever use this Glyph. Similarly, PvP Balance Druids should not take this Glyph as the knockback and the interrupt associated with Typhoon are delicious. The same applies in PvE, but if you happen to be experimenting with an AoE focused raid Moonkin build, this talent will keep you from frustrating your raid mates with Typhoon's knockback. This Glyph will save you less than 100 mana per cast so only use it to disable the knockback, not to conserve mana.

Glyph of Unburden Rebirth

Who should take it: This Glyph would be more aptly named "Glyph of Bag Slot" or "Glyph of Pocket Change," because that is what it gets you. If not having to purchase and carry around Starleaf Seeds appeals to you, carry around this Glyph instead.

Who shouldn't take it: Anyone who values one of the other Glyphs more than the value of not needing a reagent to combat res should trust their instincts and look elsewhere.

Glyph of the Wild

Who should take it: Any Druid will benefit from this talent. Less mana spent buffing equals less down time for both you and any group you happen to be in. If you have an empty Minor Glyph slot and do not know what to stick there, take this one. You will not come across many Druids without it.

Who shouldn't take it: Once all of your Minor Glyph slots are open, every Druid should probably have this Glyph.

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