Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blizzcon 2009 Tickets Round 2

The first wave of Blizzcon 2009 tickets has reached its end. The initial batch has been sold and those still eager to party with Blizzard's head-shed will need to wait until the second round drops on Saturday, May 30.

In past years, if you were willing to shell out the dough and paid attention, odds are you could lay your hands on some tickets. I would not expect this year to be any different. This initial offering was likely small to prompt quick sellout and get the fan base rabid for future waves. I would anticipate more than four additional bundles to be released within the coming months. I would keep your ear to the ground, but if you happened to miss the first round, there are still plenty of tickets to go around. I would not head to Ebay just yet.


  1. Wish it wasn't so far from us here in Canada to attend:( /pout

  2. Yeah, being able to stream it or watch it over pay-per-view is nice, but it is just not the same. As someone from the eastern side of the States I feel your pain. Would it kill them to host it anywhere other than California? ;p