Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is Tree Form Fun?

Earlier today, Blizzard poster Ghostcrawler started a new thread on the Healing Forums. The thread posed the question, "Is Druid Tree of Life form fun?" In his own post, Ghostcrawler pointed out the forms lack of distinct abilities and limited mobility as drawbacks when compared with Bear or Cat forms. He also indicated that although no major plans for changing tree form were in effect, "it's something (they) have been discussing lately."

The answer from Druids was a rather resounding, though not unanimous no. Many added cosmetic gripes to Ghostcrawlers criticisms and echoed his sentiment that the form was nothing but a superficial tool to allow Restoration Druids the mechanical benefits they need to heal on par with other classes. Of particular interest were a handful of posts which discussed Tree of Life forms role in evolving the Druid class into a place where there is little benefit to being in caster form. Curious.

I personally enjoy the form and I hope that it not removed. Obviously some unique abilities would help quiet the nay-sayers, but I am simply thankful that the speed debuff has been canned. As for the cosmetic concerns, I am hopeful that Blizzards seemingly interminable work on new Druid form graphics was not limited to the Feral arena, though I am not overly optimistic.

Despite Ghostcrawlers caution to the contrary, I take this as a sign that change will be coming to Tree From. Odds are any meaningful changes are several patches down the line, but it would be rather silly to ask for community feedback and then simply pitch it in the garbage.

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